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October Wish is an independent Melbourne based band fronted by Matt Leffanue and Sarah Gurry. Matt and Sarah began their collaboration in 2012 and have completed the first insight into their artistic partnership with a debut album, “Between Grief and Grace” to be released in early 2017. 

October Wish incorporates different musical genres and stretches a sonic landscape to create a sincere style. While their sound could be described as epic rock/folk their vocals do not conform to folk, and some of the dissonance employed in their song writing adds a jazz, even Celtic sophistication.

Rarely adhering to song-writing rules and structure, October Wish write from an un-censored place that creates a musical template that is both enigmatic. If you allow the songs enough time to breathe, their emotional depth and original beauty will steal both your heart and thoughts and quickly become your own.


Vocals, Piano, Keyboards / Sarah Gurry
Vocals, Guitars / Matt Leffanue

Appearing on the album are some of Melbourne’s most regarded musicians. Gerry Pantazis on drums, Travis Clark on bass, Cam Butler on electric guitar, Michael Oliphant on keys, Malcolm Pinkerton on Cello, Michael Doyle on mandolin and guitar, John Kendell on violin, and Jake Sherry on bass.


Debut Album “Between Grief and Grace” - release in early 2017

October Wish began the production of their debut album in 2013 with renowned producer/musician Michael Oliphant. What they initially thought would be a 5 track introductory EP, soon took on a more elaborate life of its own. Surrendering themselves to this realization, the band soon understood that their entire sound, their songs and their artistic clarity were being cultivated during the recording experience.

So now, over three years later, it is with reflective gratitude that October Wish patiently stood back and allowed the process to dictate what is now a complete ten track debut album.




We've just released our music video for the last track on our album "Caught Up In This Lie". Just click play below!

"Caught Up In This Lie" - October Wish

album cover.jpg
album cover.jpg

Grief and Grace

by October Wish

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